Garage Door Inspection

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your garage door is optimal working performance. Our 25 point inspection we make sure all the parts are tight and fit properly just the way they were intended to. Your garage door has over 300 moving small and large parts. This makes the garage door a complex mechanism and it is critical to have it inspected regularly.

Why Is Garage Door Inspection Necessary?

Most homes now utilize the garage door more and more using it as the front door. This adds more wear and tear and will eventually break down. A broken garage door is frustrating especially when we are in a hurry to go somewhere! Leaving a car trapped inside making us late to an important meeting. We are left scrambling figuring out our next move.

Noticing your garage door moving very slowly? Taking forever to open or close? This is another sign of a failing or malfunctioning garage door. This can be prevented by routine inspections and maintenance of your garage door and why we emphasize regular maintenance.

You may also notice your garage door panels sagging in the middle or becoming unbalance to one side or the other. This can become dangerous and lead to damaging cars and costly repairs.

Let’s face it, garage door repairs are never planned. They seem to happen at the wrong time. Regular inspections and maintenance of your garage door will save you time and money and stress.

Checking for issues with your garage door in not that simple. There are some issues that are less obvious than others. United Garage Door in Henderson is here to help. Our certified, licensed, bonded, insured technicians will come out and inspect your garage door carefully. Catching small issues before they turn into a major problems down the road.

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